Milk Based Drinks

Kefir 2,8% 1kg

Discover MEGGLE Kefir, a healthy and delicious choice!

Carefully crafted from the highest-quality milk, MEGGLE Kefir is a lightly creamy beverage with an amazing taste and refreshing texture. Rich in beneficial probiotics, it supports digestive health as well as your immune system.

Explore the magic of kefir and embrace a healthy lifestyle with MEGGLE Kefir – easy to incorporate into a balanced lifestyle.

Kefir Meggle
Nutrition facts per 100g:
Energy 229kj/54kcal
Fat 2.8g
Saturated fat 2g
Carbohydrates 3.6g
Sugar 3.2g
Protein 3g
Salt 0.1g
Ingredients: Pasteurized and homogenized cow's milk with 2.8% fat, lactic cultures.