UHT Milk

Coffee Cream 6% 10 x 7,5g

Meggle coffee milk accompanies your delicious morning or day-time coffees! It is made from the best Meggle milk, specially designed to complete the taste of coffee, to nuance its aromas and to bring you joy in a cup of coffee. The 6% variant is the ideal choice when you feel like trying something light and delicious!

As it is indispensable in restaurants and cafes, it should not be missing from your kitchen either. It never hurts to have two or three cream capsules for Meggle coffee with you, for when you feel like drinking a flavored coffee.

We recommend keeping it in a cool place, between 4 and 24 degrees Celsius.

lapte meggle pentru cafea
Nutrition facts per 100g:
Energy 360kj/86kcal
Fat 6.2g
Saturated fat 3.5g
Carbohydrates 4.6g
Sugar 4.6g
Protein 3.1g
Salt 0.13g